One to one personalized coaching can be a incredible tool in assisting you to make shifts in a safe space with your coach.

Discovery Session

This is a three hour very powerful process that works on your limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and we work on finding out what they are, working out your patterns and then creating what we call a northern star from where you can create your goals.

It is a powerful process and a lot can shift in 3 hours in a subtle yet powerful way. The first step is to book the session and a form will be sent to you to fill out which will take time.

The three hour process is a safe space with Bhavi for you to explore your inner truth and tap into your potential.

Belinda Mclean

I did the discovery call with Bhavi.

A deep impasse had manifested in my life before my discovery session with Bhavi I was simply fed up with feeling lost and being stuck.  Although I’d been working on certain aspects of this’stuckness’ somehow the right course of action was still unclear for me.

Before the session, Bhavi set clear expectations & boundaries and therefore a safe space opened up naturally between us so that we could work together.  I was amazed at just how much was shifted through so that a new clarity could emerge in me.

The session left me feeling lighter and naturally more myself and I now have the first steps on a new path towards a brighter and more aligned way of living. I am simply no longer lost or stuck with this area and it happened in one session!

To book your discovery session click the button below.

3 Months Package

If you are looking to have breakthroughs over a period of time join a 3 month coaching programme and we can work through the shifts together. The coaching is deep, powerful and will confidently assist you to break your limiting beliefs and get you in action towards the direction of your goals.

The discovery session is a requirement to start this journey, so please book this first to set up the foundation. We will then discuss the coaching packages that will suit your requirements.

I only take on 3 coaching clients at a time due to my schedule, and only work with committed people who have a longing and desire to shift something.

3 months coaching package includes:

  • 6 bi weekly sessions (between 1 – 1.5 hours)
  • Support in between whats app support and voice notes


  • Discovery Session completed


I had individual coaching sessions with Bhavi for 3 months, a few months after doing the Kannagara kick start programme. While Kannagara kick start programme helped me to understand myself better and to create links with like-minded people, individual coaching sessions helped me to go deeper and allowed me to step back and look at my emotions from a different perspective.

Before starting the individual coaching sessions, I was thinking I did not need help and it was my turn to continue on my personal path… It is true but it is much easier with a coach.

No matter how much you meditate, how much you’re journalling, how much you’re working on your own personal development, the individual coaching sessions definitely helped me to clear the emotions of the previous 2 weeks and to start the coming week lighter. Highly recommended to boost your personal development.

If you are interested in the 3 months package contact us to learn about the availability.