Discovery Session

A Kannagara Journey process to identify your limiting beliefs, create a breakthrough and identify your northern star

Discovery Session

This is a five hour Kannagara Journey process.

We all have areas of our life that are working, and areas of our life that are not working. In this process we will look at all the different areas of your life, look for what breakthroughs you want to create, what is stopping you and identify your limiting beliefs that are running the show.

Once you discover what your limiting beliefs are you will identify what the impact of them are and how to breakthrough them and create something new.

We all have a conscious and a subconscious mind and a lot of the belief systems we have are in our subconscious. By uncovering what your beliefs are and seeing where they come from can be a very powerful beginning for you to let go of them. You will gain a whole new freedom and create a whole new future.

There may be some inner child work that comes up in the process and we can deal any area of life you would like to work on in the session.

The benefits of the session are:

  • clear understanding of your identity
  • understanding of your thought patterns and limiting beliefs
  • a road map of how to create any breakthrough you want in your life
  • a deep dive into any area of life you wish to create a shift in

By the end of the session you will be very clear around anything that is blocking you at the moment.

We also create a northern star where you create a vision and way of being that inspires you in the world. I have had people get huge breakthroughs from just this one session, and it is enough for you to start your inner journey.

The session sets an incredible ground work for you. I have 3 month and 6 month coaching programmes after this, but this will set the foundation for the work. One session is also enough for many people to get what they need.

Session Structure:

  • Initial form to be filled out by client (takes around 1.5 hour to submit and review)
  • 3 hour one to one coaching session with myself
  • whats app check in with actions taken after 1 week
  • 30 minute follow up after 2 weeks

The process is altogether a 5 hour journey and I have 2 slots a month available.

Investment: $260

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Belinda Mclean

I did the discovery call with Bhavi.

A deep impasse had manifested in my life before my discovery session with Bhavi I was simply fed up with feeling lost and being stuck.  Although I’d been working on certain aspects of this’stuckness’ somehow the right course of action was still unclear for me.

Before the session, Bhavi set clear expectations & boundaries and therefore a safe space opened up naturally between us so that we could work together.  I was amazed at just how much was shifted through so that a new clarity could emerge in me.

The session left me feeling lighter and naturally more myself and I now have the first steps on a new path towards a brighter and more aligned way of living. I am simply no longer lost or stuck with this area and it happened in one session!


I had a discovery one to one coaching session with Bhavi, and did sessions for 3 months afterwards. The individual session helped me to go very deep into myself and allowed me to step back and look at all my emotions from a different perspective. I initially thought that I did not need any help on my path, but it made my journey so much easier having a supportive coach. I got clear on my limiting beliefs and it cleared up a lot of emotions I was holding on to, to create a lot more lightness in my life.

No matter how much you meditate, or journal, the session was very beneficial and I highly recommend it to boost your personal development.


My discovery session with Bhavi was a real eye – opener. I discovered so many limiting beliefs that I had that were in my subconscious mind and I had no awareness of how much they were impacting my life, impacting my relationship with my work, my husband. During the session I identified what they core limiting beliefs were and where they came from in my own childhood. The inner child work we did was really touching and I have never in my life done something like this. By clearing these limitations out I really felt a huge weight come off my shoulder. I wish I had access to these tools earlier in life, but my northern star is all about having fun and relaxing. I already see many of the beliefs falling away and a new space opening up for my future!


On my session I realised what my own limiting beliefs were, what my northern star is and there was a lot of tears shed in the session. Bhavi has a knack for being really straight and bringing out things that are going on. I touched on my own vulnerability and also the session gave me a lot of strength to stand up for myself and courage to set some stronger boundaries. It got me clearer on who I am and what I am standing for.

If you are interested in the 3 months package contact us to learn about the availability.