So for a few days I was feeling a bit up and down emotionally. It could have been the full moon who knows…. but my mind kept spiralling into thoughts that made me feel sad and regretful and i couldn’t shake this feeling. It was always the mornings that was the hardest. So thats what I decided to do…. SHAKE THAT FEELING. I normally do my yoga and practises in the morning and this time I added a twist… instead of a regular practise I just put some music I love on loud and danced. I did Dance Yoga for 45 minutes and I literally shook out that feeling of sadness. It works!

Music, dance and movement for me is a great access to feeling better and shaking out any negative feelings. My whole morning shifted very quickly from feeling like absolute doom and gloom to feeling good. I get maybe playing Rihanna on loud at this ashram isnt the best of ideas (opps), but it works so that is what matters.

Maybe try it out and see the difference, even 15 minutes can shift how you feel. It could be Bob Marley, Tango, Indian Garba or even S club 7 if thats what works for you! Whatever gets you feeling into a better state…. dance away.