As a human race we can be very self absorbed. Some how we believe that humans are the most important thing. If you notice all of our attention goes to human beings. It is either ourselves, or the people around us. Even on the news and television everything centers around humanity. We forget that we actually share this word with the oceans and the forests, the birds and the bees. We forget to see the bigger picture and widen our minds.

A good practise is to give a small amount of attention to something outside of us. Even if its looking at a frog (yes I did this today for a long time 😉 ), or a tree or watching the birds. We forget all the beauty that we share the planet with. We forget to stop and stare. We need to remember that this planet is not just ours and that there is a lot more to it.

I invite you to observe and give your full attention to something outside of humanity. It could be a flower, an insect, or any aspect of nature. How often do you connect with nature and what is the impact on yourself when you do?