I had individual coaching sessions with Bhavi for 3 months, a few months after doing the Kannagara kick start programme. While Kannagara kick start programme helped me to understand myself better and to create links with like-minded people, individual coaching sessions helped me to go deeper and allowed me to step back and look at my emotions from a different perspective.

Before starting the individual coaching sessions, I was thinking I did not need help and it was my turn to continue on my personal path… It is true but it is much easier with a coach.

No matter how much you meditate, how much you’re journalling, how much you’re working on your own personal development, the individual coaching sessions definitely helped me to clear the emotions of the previous 2 weeks and to start the coming week lighter. Highly recommended to boost your personal development.

Jay Patel

The program has been absolutely fantastic. The coaching really pushed me to dig deep and realize what’s really fueling certain traits that I’ve had for a long time, and helped me craft a new personal narrative to move past them.

Jana and Bhavisha are fantastic coaches and facilitators who not have not only put together great content and materials but also practice what they preach alongside us and equally share their own ongoing journeys. The bonds I’ve formed with the other 15 people in the group have been really fantastic.

The next program launches in May and all the slots are expected to fill up soon (ours did a month early), I highly recommend it for anyone in Kampala who can commit 4 Sundays in a row and is looking to develop themselves further!