Peaceful Warrior Retreat and Safari - Uganda

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Journey of a lifetime

If you are ready to go on an inner journey of a lifetime, meet incredible like minded people, practice Yoga on the Nile in Africa and do a Safari in Uganda including Rhino Trekking, Game drive and Boat Cruise… join us for our Peaceful Warrior Retreat and Safari in October 2018!

Are you…

  • Seeking to re-fresh your mind, body and soul?
  • Searching for a deeper purpose and experience in your life?
  • Looking for fun, play and connection?
  • Needing time out to reflect, relax and re-energize?
  • Ready to authentically and uniquely manifest your fullest life?
  • Looking to travel with like minded people for a safari and experience of a lifetime?
  • Wanting to learn about Yoga / Meditation and find a deeper peace within yourself?

If you are a yes to any of these we invite you to join us for a deep, impactful and unique experience.

Please note we have VERY limited places for this retreat so book your place in advance to avoid disappointment.

Where the journey begins

Spend 4 days on the Nile in a stunningly beautiful and exotic locations practicing Yoga, meditation and doing a lot of personal growth and inner growth activities. We have trained coaches that facilitate the experience.

Then we travel for 3 days to our African Safari experience for Rhino Trekking, Safari drive and boat cruise.

Join now for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

What to expect?

The cuisine

During the 4 day retreat the cuisine is literally exquisite… look forward to smoothies, fresh fruits, chia puddings, beetroot apple salads, coconut sauce, vegetables, soups, vegan cheesecakes, green juices… and so much more. All of the meals during the retreat is carefully and lovingly made by Pura Healthy Living with yummy desserts and healthy meals to assist the transformation.

Rest assured you will be eating high quality food that is super yummy, incredibly nutritious and healthy.

The venue

For the four days the venue will be in a gorgeous location. It is a huge beautiful house with rooms inside overlooking the Nile, a huge homely kitchen, and workshop space where we will be doing the workshops.

Excited? And there is more…

After the retreat we go on a 3 day Ugandan Safari. For the first night we travel to Kampala stay at Forest Cottages luxury cottage nestled within a peaceful African forest setting.

Then we drive to Murchison Falls National Park to do the rhino trekking, a safari drive in the heart of the jungle and a beautiful boat cruise to see the hippos and the crocs.

I am ready for the experience!

Peaceful Warrior Retreat itinerary

Earth Icon
Fire Icon
Water Icon
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The four elements
This Retreat will be based around the 4 elements of the Universe. Each day will bring a new delight and essence to your experience.

5th October

For anyone traveling from abroad please arrive on the 5th October and arrange overnight stay in Kampala.

Element of Earth

6th October

Earth – I build deep roots into the earth – firm and stable – I am a Peaceful Warrior

We arrange the pick up from Kampala in the morning and drive to Jinja to our beautiful location.

  • We ground in the present moment today
  • Create solidity and firm foundations within yourself
  • Work on internal strength and connect with the element of Earth
  • Find your roots and come back to your source of power

7th October

Fire – I live my life with passion and fire – I am a Peaceful Warrior

  • Learn how to use anger and fire inside to break limiting beliefs that are no longer needed
  • Reconnect with your authentic passion
  • Embrace the energy of the rebel
  • Fire burns what is not needed
Element of Fire
Element of Water

8th October

Water – I am flexible and I flow like water – I am a Peaceful Warrior

  • Today connect to playfulness, softness and grace
  • Connect to your heart with key work on forgiveness and compassion
  • Let things go, flow in the moment and create movement
  • Trust

9th October

Air – I fix my eyes on the sky my future is unlimited – I am a Peaceful Warrior

  • Unlimited possibilities
  • Today connect to your creativity and create a vision and purpose that inspires you
  • Connect to your truth

The group closes at 3pm.

Drive back to Kampala and for the people joining us on the safari, overnight stay is at Forest Cottages.

Element of Air
Yes I am ready to transform my life. Book me in for the 4 day Peaceful Warrior Retreat

And the adventure continues

If you would like to join us for the SAFARI part after the retreat here are the details. If you are travelling from abroad we highly recommend you join us for this amazing experience to be part of the Ugandan Safari…

10th October

Early morning visit to the Rhino sanctuary which is home to 22 Southern White Rhinos. With the safari guide you will walk as a small group with a trained ranger to look for Rhinos and observe them at a safe distance. Enjoy this most magnificent animal in the wilderness of Africa. Overnight stay at Pakuba Lodge in Murchison Falls.

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest protected park in Uganda and one of the most exciting. The waterfall from which the park is named is the most electrifying sight of its type in East Africa. The MFNP is bisected by the Victoria Nile which first races down 80 Km’s of whitewater rapids before plunging 40 meters over the remnant rift valley wall at Murchison Falls, the centerpiece of the park.


11th October

In the morning we go for a game 
drive to the rolling plains. Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Buffalos and other mammals of the park are seen. In the afternoon, we go for a Launch Trip to the Foot of the Murchison Falls where the Nile thunders through a small gap, or down river to the delta where the Nile empties into Lake Albert.

This is an experience not to be missed. The banks of Nile are home to the huge Nile Crocodile, big pods of Hippopotamus and other wildlife that may come down to drink water from the river. Overnight stay in Pakuba Lodge.

12th October

Transfer back to Kampala with incredible fond memories, photos and adventures of a lifetime.

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Suwilanji Ngambi

Suwilanji Ngambi

Kannagara for me was an eye opener, I was always curious about what people did at yoga retreats. I tried yoga for the first time about 4 years ago and found it hard but this was very different.

I signed up for the retreat because I have been doing some soul searching of my own, I got a new job and was absolutely terrified of my new role for fear of failure. I wasn’t really sure what i would gain out of it but I made a commitment to do everything that was in the program.

What has changed for me is I am more confident in myself and not just showing people on the outside as I used to. I am learning to be not so hard on myself and remind myself that its ok to be different. The Kannagara experience was not only about working on me but the people that were there with me were amazing, we got to connect in such a short period of time being honest with each other and discovering that I am not alone. It felt like we were family straight after day 1.

I have learnt to see the world differently and discovered that it is bigger than what goes on in my head. Theres a certain level of calmness I feel. I have a very short temper but now its much easier for me to try and rationalize situations before reacting and I love and appreciate myself a lot better. I can clearly see what impact good energy has around people I care about.

I would highly recommend Kannagara Retreat. It has helped me take steps to self discovery, what integrity can do for you, the benefits of doing something in totality and how amazing it feels when you are at peace with yourself. I am still learning as I go, but I handle my stressful situations a lot better than before I went to the retreat and I am grateful for the experience.

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Rina Modi

Rina Modi

My intentions for the Kannagara retreat was to gain insight into some tools to help with some inner self exploration and to do some yoga. I had –  a few months previous to the Ugandan experience-  tried my first yoga retreat and loved every minute of it.  I was keen to do another in a country I had intentions of visiting for many years of my life.

Firstly, the venue and location was absolutely breathtaking. The house was beautiful, big, light, minimalist and the garden has a pool and the Nile river flowing through the back. Just the sound of the rapids and watching the steam coming off the river was therapeutic in itself. I was so excited to be in this space and I could see the other guests were too. It was amazing that we were mostly a bunch of strangers to each other but by the end of the 4.5 days everybody felt like family. I guess over the 4.5 days we shared more with each other then maybe with our own close friends and family so it felt natural to feel this way.The programme was intense but it was balanced out by some fun games, socialising and a party. The days consisted of lots of inner child work, some silent time for inner reflection. yoga, some dynamic Osho meditation (which initially I resisted but ended up loving), sangha groups, coaching and essence work. All of this through interactive tasks that were guided very well by the facilitators. The impact was very deep so the smaller sangha groups worked well after as it gave us opportunity to talk about what came up during the tasks in a small, safe and supportive environment.

I discovered so much about myself on the retreat which helped be set valid intentions for the future. I learnt something new about myself every task and the work done on the retreat really does make one reflect in ways that I have never really discovered before. It also helped me confirm and self-validate many of the thoughts and feelings I had had in the past and I felt unbelievably supported by the other guests and retreat staff. The staff were a great mix of dynamic personalities and between them had the perfect balance of skills from yoga to corporate coaching.

I came back to my daily life with some valuable tools that I have incorporated into my life and imparted this knowledge with friends and family. The retreat also helped me plan some actions based around future life goals and objectives which helped me massively as I had been procrastinating for a while over some important decisions.

I honestly feel like this was one of the most impactful experiences of my life and thank Bhavi and her team as well as the other guests from the bottom of my heart for this magnificent experience. I have to also say that the food was unbelievably yummy and nutritious. Rukmini and her team worked hard to feed us all day long – so much so that we were all asking for a sneak peak into her amazing recipes.

I can’t wait for the next retreat – I think it’s an absolute must do for anybody looking to dig deep into who they are and how to stay true to that authentic self even in these crazy modern times we live in.

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What’s included?

Peaceful Warrior Retreat (4 Days)

  • Yoga sessions daily with different styles
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks all healthy yummy meals prepared
  • Peaceful Warrior gift pack
  • Over 20 hours of group coaching and personal development content
  • Daily meditations
  • Daily journaling activities
  • A deep-dive exercise to discover your life purpose!
  • Activities all under Earth, Fire, Water, Air… (lots of surprises)
  • Games, fun and play
  • Sharing Circles

Safari (3 days)

  • Accommodation in Kampala at Forest Cottage on the 9th October
  • 2 nights in Pakuba lodge Murchison Falls
  • All National Park fees included
  • Boat Cruise
  • Game Drive with a game ranger
  • All coordination of the entire trip
  • Meals included from the hotel
Uganda, Africa here I come…

Your Retreat Host

Hi and welcome! I am Bhavi your retreat facilitator and creator of Kannagara. My passion is personal growth, making an impact, bringing people together and creating memorable experiences by creating communities of like minded people that come together.

I believe that inside of everyone is a huge amount of potential and by creating safe spaces for people to come together we can look at how to unleash this for ourselves and for everyone around us.

My personal journey has taken me on a journey over 10 years where I have been immersing myself in meditation, yoga, deep inner work, shadow work, and my experience is here to serve you on your journey inwards.

One step at a time.

If you have more questions or you would like to set up a call with the facilitator please book a complimentary 30 minute call below.