Kick Start


The main focus of the programme is to break your limiting beliefs of what you think is possible for yourself and then putting in daily practices and habits in your life to move you to the direction of your goals and dreams. We will be working on gentle yet powerful changes that will make a difference to the quality of your life.

The structure of the programme includes:

  • Three Hour Discovery Coaching Session One to one with your coach
  • 4 Live Webinar trainings
  • Daily commitments
  • Weekly one to one coaching sessions

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The Programme

Discovery Session

This is a one to one discovery session with you and your coach for two hours. During this time we will look at your goals, what limits you and what you hope to achieve from the programme. We will create your northern star for the year. Setting you up for the programme and declaring your commitments so that you are ready for some beautiful changes in your life.

Tribe Gathering One

Mental Strength

Kaizen is the principle for continuous improvement. In this workshop we will help you discover what your next growth edge is. This could be committing to doing your yoga daily, reading more, dancing, changing your diet, drinking more water, or letting go of a habit. We will also declare our intentions of what we are taking on for the month. The second part of the workshop we get creative, create our vision boards and do a guided visualization.

  • Group Into
  • Declarations – limiting beliefs, northern star, our next growth edge
  • Visualizations and mental strength

Tribe Gathering Two

Emotional Strength

How are you feeling? Often we find it hard to express our feelings and share with others what is really going on underneath the surface. In this workshop we will look at our emotions and see ways in which we can create emotional balance in our lives. Each and every emotion has value and is showing us something – anger, fear, joy, happiness, love, sadness. During this workshop we will give ourselves the permission to fully feel our emotions. Will you give yourself the gift of time to explore them? We will also do some forgiveness and gratitude work.

  • How to build emotional strength and balance
  • Sharing our feelings
  • Gratitude and forgiveness exercise

Tribe Gathering Three

Physical Strength

In this workshop we will learn about the importance and benefits of nutrition, hydration and exercise. There will be plentiful nutrition tips and information. We will also learn the difference between masculine and feminine energies and how to connect with our authentic self, and how we can use yin and yang in our daily life.

  • Nutrition, hydration, and exercise information
  • Breathing and balancing exercises

Tribe Gathering Four

Spiritual Strength

We will look at ways to create peace, happiness and joy in our day to day lives by meditation, spending more time in nature and understanding that we ourselves are responsible for our own happiness. We will also explore the concept ‘KotoDama’ which means the ‘Soul of Language’. Our words shape our reality and we can create a new story for our lives if we use them carefully. Have a breakthrough in shaping your own world, rather than it shaping you.

  • Meditation – technique and benefits
  • Spiritual strength during hard times
  • Soul of language – how language shapes our reality
  • Kannagara Tribe closing session

Daily Commitments

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit”

During the programme we will make daily commitments for the month. Small and simple changes done regularly can make a big difference. We also integrate the practices of Yoga and meditation during the programme.

We have a daily structure in place and every week we will monitor how far we have come. All the materials for the daily commitments will be given to you with the one month journal in your one to one set up.

“Something magical and mystical happens when a group of high intentioned individuals make the decision to gather together for a period of adventure and learning.”

Programme information

When it starts

We are committed to small groups for our programmes. For this programme we only have a maximum of 10 places. Connecting with the group once a week will help you to develop a strong group bond over the month. During the month we will create new friendships and connections.

What’s included

  • Kannagara One Month Journal
  • One to one discovery session with your Kannagara coach
  • Four tribe gatherings online
  • Vision boards all the material (A3book)
  • Unlimited  whats app support to enhance coaching sessions
  • Training material for the programme
  • Recommended reading list
  • Facebook group

Kick Start coaches


If you want to attend this programme or if you have questions you can get in touch with us by clicking the button below.