Riddles of the Heart – Emotional Balance




Sunday 29th Jan (afternoon)

How are you feeling? Often we find it hard to express our feelings and share with others what is really going on underneath the surface. In this workshop we will look at our emotions and see ways in which we can create emotional balance in our lives. Each and every emotion has value and is showing us something – anger, fear, joy, happiness, love, sadness.

During this workshop we will give ourselves the permission to fully feel our emotions. Will you give yourself the gift of time to explore them? We will also do some forgiveness and gratitude work.

Acacia Yoga Centre


Bhavi is an entrepreneur, a yoga teacher, a traveller, a lightworker, a bit of a misfit and someone that has a deep love for learning anything that makes her think a little bit deeper and grow a little bit further. A soul searcher, and a spirit that is looking for ways to contribute to this world she has a passion for making a difference.

She loves to share with people in her life and have people around her achieve their goals and live to their purpose and full potential. Her dream is to bring people together and provide them with an experience that they will embody for a life time. She wants to take them on a journey.

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